Fit: When Talent and Intelligence Just Won’t Cut It answers the fundamental performance questions that people have asked for generations. Why is that some individuals are consistently high performers, how do they keep performing in varying situations, organisations and contexts, why can some people just not seem to be able to crack that code, and why do some individuals perform exceptionally well in certain organisations but not in others? This fresh new book challenges current thinking about the war for talent and the role intelligence plays in high performance sport and business. Over 3,000 profiles of elite corporate managers and professional elites have been studied to find the answers as to why certain individuals consistently get exceptional results and why great talent doesn’t transfer across teams and businesses.

Fit considers real live cases and well-known examples of spectacular successes and failures through the lens of the Hogan Personality Tools. This shows how elite performance is dependent on three things; understanding what role your behaviours are best suited to, what culture you perform your best in and how you’re likely to derail your career.

Armed with this knowledge, this innovative text allows you to connect the dots on your past performances and prepares you to find roles, organisations and teams which best fit you —opening the door for elite performance. Instead of talent management and changing behaviour, look to Fit as a key to your performance improvement. You’ll find that performance does not have a one-size-fits-all formula—it is bespoke, personal and different for each individual.

• Understand how you can align your natural style with the right roles to achieve elite performance in your professional and personal lives
• Appreciate your unique behavioural patterns that impact personal and team success
• Discover that true success is not totally dependent on talent and intelligence, but on discovering what you’re good at and where you fit.

Fit: When Talent and Intelligence Just Won’t Cut It unearths the hidden traits of elite performance and enables you to find your fit to further enhance your engagement and success.

  • Mark Busine, Managing Director, Australia, DDI-Asia/Pacific International, Ltd

    For some time now I have struggled with the overly prescriptive view taken on talent and leadership. In Fit, Kennaugh sheds light on why and the inherent risk of adopting a one size fits all approach to high performance. What makes this piece eminently readable is the rich portfolio of experience that Kennaugh draws on to bring the theory of high performance to life; at all times backed up by a solid body of theory and research. Kennaugh clearly brings a deep passion for the field and it shows in Fit.

  • Chris Webb, High Performance Manager, Australian Equestrian Team, former General Manager High Performance, Emirates Western Force and Rugby WA

    It’s like getting stock tips from Warren Buffett. Warren Kennaugh’s experience and work in high performance is to be envied. He hasn’t just studied high performance, the elite ask him to work with them. If you want to understand high performance learn from the best.

  • Simon Taufel, ICC Umpire Performance & Training Manager, ICC Umpire of the Year 2004–2008

    This book is an interesting and informative read for anyone who is passionate and committed to improving their individual and team performance. There is something for everyone who wants to try and reach their potential because it focuses on the individual personality and challenges you to engage with the exercises, reflect and learn from the experience of Warren’s work. Never hesitate at the price of a book, please think about the value that it can give you — and there is plenty of value in this one.

  • Steve Weston, CEO, Mortgages, Barclays UK

    Warren Kennaugh has written the definitive book on high performance. His research, compelling case studies and experience share insights that are profoundly true. I recommend this to managers, leaders, and any individuals interested in performing at their highest levels.

  • Mark Smith, Group Executive, Perpetual Private

    Compelling. Fit challenges years of tightly held theory on talent which has left business poorer financially and culturally. Kennaugh provides an inspiring science-based solution presented in a humanistic way, an engaging must-read for anyone in business.

  • Brett Rumford, PGA Golfer, 5 times winner European Tour

    Warren Kennaugh is more committed to enabling high performance in individuals and teams than any other person on the planet. His no-nonsense, at times humorous approach is reflected throughout this great book. Kennaugh makes it powerful yet simple to understand and provides direction for everyone to be a high performer in all aspects of life — if you’re interested in exceptional performance then this book is for you.

  • Justin Langer AM, Head Coach, Western Warriors and Perth Scorchers cricket teams

    As in most businesses, the great challenge of high performance is managing and understanding what makes different people tick. In order to achieve consistency in this, you have to understand the complexities of human behaviour. In my role as the head coach of a professional cricket team, I spend most of my time managing people. In Fit, Warren Kennaugh is able to simplify man management; a concept which is often confusing, and always challenging. Fit is frank, refreshing and honest and an interesting guide to high performance

  • Chief Human Resource Officer, Metcash Ltd

    I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a book. It’s frank, refreshing and just plain honest about what makes high performance. It has great real life examples, backed up by extensive research and cross referencing. Before reading any other book on performance, read Fit.


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